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About NCM List Services Division

NCM List Services Division is the owner of the largest Canadian Government file of 423,473 employee records. It is also our objective to become the largest provider of US Government names. We currently have 867,862 US Government and 772,161 US Postal employee records.

Since 1990 NCM is the number one source for Canadian Government Contacts. NCM has built up over the years a strong relationship with all levels of government. NCM has been given special license agreements to provide employee contact information to the business community. We pride ourselves in providing the most detailed and accurate employee contact information on the market. Our in-house data verification team are constantly updating our government mailing and email lists. Our government files are further enhanced with the inclusion of internal mail stops for prompt delivery of mail.

Our government files are being used on a regular basis by seminar and conference companies in Canada and the US. For further information and pricing (rate card), on each of these files just click the title of the file.

Our People
We believe our people are the best in the business. We are well-trained and experienced professionals. NCM employees strive to provide strategic marketing solutions that go well beyond our clients' expectations. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

Our Values
We believe that integrity in all business relationships is the cornerstone of success. Therefore, all communications and interactions with businesses, co-workers and customers will be honest and ethical, regardless of cost or consequences.

Our Guarantee
NCM guarantees to have the most accurate and complete government mailing lists for the best value.

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