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Research the Market
Step 1 is to understand who is buying your product and service in government. Historical contract awarded information is a good place to start. Each report will provide the name of the buying office, the company who sold the product or service and the contract value. NCM is able to assist you in researching this information in a cost effect manner.

Register on:
        - Government Source Lists
        - Government Tender Sites

        - Business Directories Targeting Government

Government Source Lists are lists of qualified suppliers, usually organized by commodities or services provided, which departments use to identify potential suppliers for specific goods or services. Through NCM’s Government Research Service we are able to identify all available source lists which matches your company’s products or services. NCM will also be able to maintain a current listing of your company profile information on these sites.

Government Tender Sites provide listings of all available active contracts which require an open bidding process.

Business Directories Targeting Government provides companies with a venue to showcase their products and services. NCM produces two business directories, GOVPAGES and GOVPURCHASING, which target government. 

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