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Welcome to NCM List Services Division

Owner of the largest Canadian Government file and fastest growing US Government file.

NCM prides itself in providing the most detailed and accurate government lists on the market, including government mailing lists and government email lists.

Since 1990 NCM has the number one source for Canadian Government Contacts. NCM has built up over the years a strong relationship with all levels of government. NCM has been given special license agreements to provide employee contact information to the business community. We pride ourselves in providing the most detailed and accurate government mailing lists on the market. Our in-house data verification team are constantly updating our government databases. Our government files are further enhanced with the inclusion of internal mail stops for prompt delivery of mail.

NCM Lists maintains one of the largest databases of U.S government contacts. Currently we have 867,000 US Government and 772,000 US Postal employee records. New additions to this database include Government of Florida, Government of Georgia, and Government of US Purchasing Files

Our U.S Government Email Files consist of over 1 million U.S Government contacts. New additions to this email database include Government of Texas, Government of Georgia, Government of New Mexico Employee Files, and Government of New York Employee File.

NCM also provides a consulting service that enables you to attain the right lists and get right government lists. To see recommendations and reports go to NCM Consulting

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