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Government & Business Mailing Lists

Government Mailing Lists

NCM has a database of over 1.5 million Government employee records covering all of  North America.   Governments are spending trillions every year, and you can connect with them through our government mailing lists.

Governments purchase almost every type of goods or services including computer software and equipment, office supplies, books and publications, seminars and continuing education courses, research, and everyday consumer goods. To be able to tap into this lucrative market you do need to know how to promote your product or service into this niche market and which government mailing lists to use.

Like all direct mail campaigns, your mailing list is the most important tool. If you don’t have an accurate list you won’t reach your customers effectively and your response rate will be low.

NCM specializes in maintaining the most complete source of Canadian Government employee contacts. In the US NCM’s Government databases have now surpassed over a million records.  NCM has built it’s reputation on providing its clients with very targeted and valuable lists. Each list order is prepared using researched key words within an employee’s job title, office name and main department. Each record contains the employee’s name, office name, department, address, phone and available fax numbers. With our many different types of available selects we can offer the best government mailing lists that will give you a higher response, higher sales, and the best ROI possible.

Business Mailing Lists

NCM also provides companies with access to custom targeted business lists using its proprietary internet search software and in-house research team. Unique key words and industry categories are used to compile client specific business lists. NCM is currently creating industry specific business lists which expand outside of government.

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