Canadian Library File (NCM)
Total Records16,068
File Description
The Canadian Library file is an accurate list of different types of libraries across Canada. Some of the selects available are Job Title, Budget Range and Type of Library
Number of Libraries by Type:
PLB - Public Library Branch3,325
PLRH - Public Library Regional Head Office/Central Branch1,422
PL - Public Library1,618
AL - Academic Library1,539
ALC - Community College Library634
SL - Speciality Library1,077
ML - Medical Library508
MUL - Museum Library571
GL - Government Library1,314
ALH - Academic Library, University, Head Library2,461
LL - Law Library357
CL - Corporate Library285
ALCH - Academic Library, College, Head Library601
BD - Board of Education136
ALCG - Cegep Library105
ALCR - Religious College Library90
A - Academic Library, University or College1
ALB - Academic Library Branch3
ALR - Academic Library in a relgion based college or unversity9
FN - First Nations9
Number of Libraries by Budget Size:
S - Small (0-$14,999)5,624
M - Medium ($15,000-$49,999)4,361
L - Large ($50,000-$149,999)2,197
X - Very Large ($150, 000+)3,884

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Canadian Libraries
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