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Since 1990 NCM is the number one source for Canadian Government Contacts. NCM has built up over the years a strong relationship with all levels of government. NCM has been given special license agreements to provide employee contact information to the business community. We pride ourselves in providing the most detailed and accurate employee contact information on the market. Our in-house data verification team are constantly updating our government databases. Our government files are further enhanced with the inclusion of internal mail stops for prompt delivery of mail.

We provide more than one way to directly reach your target. With the newly compiled Government email lists you can reach your market even more efficiently and cost-effectively. Or you can double your efforts and reach the government via multiple methods.

Our email lists have a proven record of excellence. In Canada, our success delivery rate is 91% and open rate is nearly 20%, while the bounce back rate stays low at 6%.In addition, we provide you with a detailed deliverability report that shows you the success of your campaign through the following statistics: the open rate, click-throughs, link analysis, and total unsubscribes. Call or email us with further questions about our email lists or email campaign deliverability.


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